Better outcomes on your journey to financial freedom

Do you crave a life where you can generate wealth but are still weighed down by high cost credit? Incentive Finance can easily connect your credit card and overdraft accounts to create a flexible, trackable plan to financial wellbeing with support from our team and community

Mapping your finances in once place
Our app gives you a single place to engage with your finances, all accounts together in once place, so you can see you status and progress clearly anytime.

Support and encouragement
We support and encourage you on your journey, introducing you to likeminded users who create a community around the shared purpose of financial goals.

Trackable plan
Our app tracks progress towards your financial goals, allowing us to give you real time support along your journey.

Bend don’t break
Our plans are flexible, adjusting to your life as we know financial journeys are not straight lines from A to B.


Making payments easier

Debt advice focus on setting up a payment plan but these are rigid and inflexible. Life happens and you can’t always make the payments you thought you could. We take a different approach:

Low fixed payments
We help users to set up lower affordable monthly payments then work with you to make additional payments during the month when you can afford to make them.

Regular payment nudges
We nudge users towards multiple payments per month, encouraging users to pay as much as they can afford rather than be tied to large fixed once-a-month payments.

Change Roundup
Users select options like change roundup to help increase payments towards financial goals.

Pub roundup
How about adding a payment to your regular activities like going to the pub? We allow you to charge a little more each time you swipe your card in a certain place (like the pub) to incorporate paying off your debts into your everyday activities.


“Our platform encourages users to form sustainable habits around their personal finances allowing them to pay off debts and chart a clear path towards generating wealth.

Simple, easy and flexible
We know finances aren’t fun so we seek to make it as easy as possible to engage with a simple app tracking a flexible plan that adjusts with your life.

Our ethos is to help you on your journey and reward your progress. As we establish ourselves we will share our plans for aligning our success with your success and sharing the benefits.

More to come
We have so much more to come, so many ideas on how to give everyone the best opportunity to create their own financial freedom. Sign up now and as soon as we can we will share more….


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One view
All your accounts consolidated in one simple view

Trackable plan
Easy to see your progress

Our plans are flexible guides, so we show a wide glide path rather than a fixed repayment schedule

Automatically updated
When you connect your accounts using Open Banking you get real time updates on your progress

We give insights into what the graphs mean and how your actions affect them

Community (coming soon)
Engage with others on the app, sharing stories and tips with like minded users anonymously to maintain individual’s privacy.

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